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    2 days ago

    requested by Emily Boyer

    I used to knit as a kid and have thought about getting back into it but haven't only because I don't have needles or yarn. Anyone have any they could share with me? Thanks!

    12 days ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    We have a bunch of Kindista propaganda (cards and stickers) and we would love your help in spreading the word. Are you interested in picking up a stack of cards/stickers and handing them out to people in your community to get the word out?

    24 days ago

    Megan Tolbert expressed gratitude for Thomas Price

    Thank you for linking me in 🪷🌛

    26 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

    Thank you So much! Thanks you for the books too.

    16 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    If you are involved with or have enjoined Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center please join our group.

    I started this "Group" while serving the community as a Fire Fighter/Medic last July 2022. It was intended to network all of us who have ever enjoined or taken part in this community at any time in our lives or those who hope to go in the future. It is still a magical place. I have started "Pay It Forward" effort for Coffee and other things people might forget to bring out there while enjoining the area. Please join and share your gifts and experience.

    ...also found in the Groups link on the left.

    17 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    I have so many things to give away and not longer the time to make posts and give them away.

    If you have time or want to help me. Please reach out to me.

    44 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Ciara mayeur

    Thank you for the Green Beans!

    16 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    I am in need of healing touch. I have an old Fire Fighter body that is out of shape and in need of help keeping it healthy and well. I have been active most of my life and I want to get back in shape to hike again. If you want to work with me to get back out there and enjoy a few more mountain top I would be grateful for any and all help.

    44 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Sarah Faulkner

    Thank you for all you do.

    19 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    I am a "Natural" Energy Being. I love to connect with Nature and help heal trauma and pain. If you are open to touch and able to let me work with your Energy, I can support and guide you through life's healing journey.

    I am trained in Peer/Co-Counseling, Heart of Now, Consent in touch and energy work as well as a number of other modalities that I bring to my work in the world. I am only human but often gifted in my work.

    23 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    I am the acting ED and one of the board members for the CommonGoods Network which is the Non-Profit that hold for all of the world to use in the gift economy.

    We are currently looking for new Board Members so we can continue these great works and and everyone can keep sharing there gifts.

    We work with people and communities whose dreams and plans are aligned with our mission and values to co-create a better world.

    We are a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the state of Oregon, USA in 2008. Our mission is to foster networks of trust and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, abilities, and physical resources to transform communities and engender a sustainable and harmonious world.

    Please contact me if you want to help in any way.


    2 months ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Erin Q.

    Thank you for the new bicycle inner tubes. Blessing on your journey.

    2 months ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Davin Yannick

    Thank you! Looking forward to getting to open this bottle. Let me know if you ever want to share the experience.

    2 months ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Jeanne Gurda

    Looking forward to getting to us this in my travels. Thanks again.

    25 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    When I have a little bit of time on my hands, I look for those who want to enjoy the beautiful weather or breaks in the rain. ;) If you're like me and want to get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year please message me here through this offer or use the information below.

    You are always welcome to share if you have something that feels abundant.

    Text me at 541-554-2581 or plan ahead and email me ( a time that you may want to get together.

    5 months ago

    The Kindista Team expressed gratitude for Thomas Price

    Thank you for stepping up to be CommonGoods Network's new acting Executive Director. You are instrumental in keep knd going.

    5 months ago

    Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Susan Detroy

    Many thanks to Susan for the beautiful wool shirt she gifted to me. It will be months before I wear it of course but when the cold returns it will keep me wonderfully warm.

    6 months ago

    Karen Januszewski expressed gratitude for Emily Boyer

    Sorry this is so late, but I'm back online now and got back into my account today. Thanks for the lovely calendar. It's up and being enjoyed...and also making me think about life events, hmm. And, wow, thanks for the surprise delivery of it as I'm still pretty much staying within the confines of my apartment courtyard. I hope to break out soon!😉

    9 months ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Judy S-B

    Judy was generous beyond my request. I'm grateful to have received several items from Judy! Thank you for giving good directions to your place and offering so much.

    8 months ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Joanna Brook

    Thank you for your teaching and sharing as spiritual practice. I hope to find more people like you and opportunities where I can manifest what I received in the time we spent sharing as spiritual practice. if you ever want to share in the future I will remain open to future conversations and experiences. Extra gratitude for the loan of your amazing Tarot deck for the time I was blessed with it in my energy.