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    about an hour ago

    offered by Tara Jones

    The mirror is in three large pieces. Original mirror was about 1' X 2 '. Perfect for mosaic work.

    2 days ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    We have a bunch of Kindista propaganda (cards and stickers) and we would love your help in spreading the word. Are you interested in picking up a stack of cards/stickers and handing them out to people in your community to get the word out?

    2 days ago

    all chromatic instruments welcome.

    3 days ago

    Rights Of Nature expressed gratitude for Emily Boyer

    Thank you for all you do!

    As a Board member of CommonGoods Network I am grateful for all the amazing ways you show up for us as CommonGoods Network's Executive Director.


    4 days ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Carly Boyer

    Thank you for the nightstand! It is perfect for me here :)

    4 days ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Darrius Yannick

    Thank you for offering your tool, even though I ended finding one (in the very house I lived in) I appreciated your open offer and felt happy to be reminded of the abundance of community.

    8 days ago

    requested by jeremy spafford

    I’m looking for someone to trade deep tissue massage with. I do deep tissue and have a massage table. Anyone who is able and willing to trade please hmu. Preferably through text 4046940309

    8 days ago

    offered by jeremy spafford

    I do deep tissue massage and I’m looking for a partner to trade massages with, once a month. I have access to a massage table

    8 days ago

    requested by Emily Boyer

    I'm going to start making kombucha - I already have the scoby and some half gallon jars, but what I'd like it one of those 2+ gallon jars with the spout/spigot. I know I could get one from Walmart or something, but want to check in here first in case anyone has one of these in good shape they're not using :) I look forward to sharing some kombucha and SCOBY with the community once I get going!

    15 days ago

    Libby Kennard expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you for this interesting edible! I look forward to seeing it grow.

    18 days ago

    Kris Topaz expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you so much I'm sure it will help this person who just got Section 8 to have some dignity to not have to move things in plastic bags.

    24 days ago

    Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

    Thank you so much for the three bags of aronia berries! They are all dried and tucked away for the winter. Yum! Picking them up also provided me with the wonderful opportunity to see your beautiful garden and all that is new since I last saw it years ago and to talk with you for at least a little bit. Many, many thanks for sharing the bounty of your garden with me.

    14 days ago

    offered by Emily Boyer

    Let's music together! I love playing my ukulele and singing. We can do that together, if you want, or you can just listen if you like. Or even accompany me with another instrument! Many of the songs I play are relatively easy. I like fun and interesting chord progressions with lyrics that are sweet and inspiring or funny and entertain me. Maybe you'll like them too :) Let's play!

    18 days ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    Help us make our local sharing network more vibrant! We need help doing outreach with faith communities and local businesses that provide goods and services being requested on Kindista.

    42 days ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Morgan M

    So sweet and easy to get, thank you Morgan for offering and providing this! It helps our bathroom feel more bright :)

    22 days ago

    Toona Sensis (Chinese Toon or Mohagany) 2nd year seedlings. These produce edible savory leaves that taste like mild onions or garlic. Trees can be coppiced or pollarded to keep them at a manageable height for food production.

    Ribes Aureum (Golden Current) 2nd year seedlings. Drought tolerant once established. Produce nutritious berries.

    2 months ago

    Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Kavana Tree Bressen

    Pears, pears and more pears! Many, many thanks Tree for sharing pears from your beautiful pear tree. We had a wonderful time slicing them up for drying and will think of you when we eat them this fall and winter.

    2 months ago

    Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Natalie Stameroff

    I was able to make a gallon of elderberry shrub with the elderberries Natalie shared with me. What an amazing tree! What a generous gift! Thank you tree! Thank you Natalie!

    22 days ago

    Approximate dimensions in inches: 21 x 13.5 x 7

    Has two wheels. High quality but not swiveling.