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7 days ago

requested by Thomas Price (within 7.5 miles)

Hoping to get out on the lake or nearby waterways.

I am Looking for a Big boy's White Water kayak or even a Willamette River kayak will do for me. Just want to go out on the water a few times a year. If you know of anyone who would be willing to s... see more

9 days ago

offered by Joanna Brook (within 1.5 miles)

13 year student of beloved local high priestess offers counseling

Blessings and funerals

Ordained Minister - Church of the Seven Sisters / Seven Sisters Circle

Tarot Consultations for Positive Change established 2007

All questions answere... see more


8 days ago

requested by Hannah Torres (within 2.5 miles)

I would like to have a copy of the Book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein

10 days ago

requested by Kavana Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

For most of my printing needs, i prefer to use paper that's already been used on one side. My regular suppliers have dried up the past few years, so i find myself in need of new sources. Can you help? Regular 8.5" x 11" white (or off-white) prefer... see more

12 days ago

Tricia Combs joined Kindista

9 days ago

requested by Morgan M (within 5.5 miles)

Need a pullman bread pan with sliding closed lid for baking sandwich loaves. Thank you!

18 days ago

Kris Topaz expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

Thank you so much I'm sure it will help this person who just got Section 8 to have some dignity to not have to move things in plastic bags.

15 days ago

Libby Kennard expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

Thank you for this interesting edible! I look forward to seeing it grow.

25 days ago

Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

Thank you so much for the three bags of aronia berries! They are all dried and tucked away for the winter. Yum! Picking them up also provided me with the wonderful opportunity to see your beautiful garden and all that is new since I last saw it years ago and to talk with you for at least a little bit. Many, many thanks for sharing the bounty of your garden with me.

19 days ago

Richard Grimaldi joined Kindista

22 days ago

requested by Charlotte Y (within 1.5 miles)

Greetings to my fellow kindistas,
I'm looking for a house to buy a house in mid-town (15th to 18th), northern part of Friendly (24th to 18th and East of Polk) or Amazon neighbourhoods (22-29th Aves, east of Hillyard and til it gets hilly). I want to... see more

11 days ago

requested by Darrius Yannick (within 3 miles)

Hello. I’m looking for a fenced yard safe for a small dog of 15lbs within walking distance of 11th and Garfield for my dog to be off leash in, trained in. If you have friendly,ideally, chill dog (s) to hang out and possibly play with my anxious, fea... see more

23 days ago

requested by Charlotte Y (within 1.5 miles)

Hi everyone. I'm looking for some baskets to store things like fruits, veggies, socks, undies and scarves. I guess that would mean about 10-12 inches in diameter, or maybe a bit bigger for the clothes. Maybe you have some extras? I'd prefer round, bu... see more

24 days ago

Sophia F joined Kindista

11 days ago

requested by Joebo endy (within 1.5 miles)

Hi! I love making upcycled clothes and I need a sewing machine to do so! If you have a sewing machine or serger that is in good working condition I would be honored to take it off your hands and super thankful!!

25 days ago

requested by Kris Topaz (within 2 miles)

A man who's been living in a Conestoga Hut whom I mentor has been approved for Section 8. He will need a bed, mattress, a table, a sofa, drawers and other household items. We have kitchen items and bedding and two lamps And one chair. He would also l... see more

11 days ago

offered by lisas stein (within 15.5 miles)

One queen size mattress and great shape but too hard for us

Another one is a huge memory foam type 1 that has a slight smell of cigarettes. Other than that it's in good shape

17 days ago

requested by Elandus Lake (within 1 mile)

In search for a meeting space for approximately 10-12 people and growing. We are a community of story tellers who are working together to support and learn from each other as we grow by recognizing and reconnect the places where we are disconnected. ... see more

15 days ago

offered by Emily Boyer (within 2 miles)

Let's music together! I love playing my ukulele and singing. We can do that together, if you want, or you can just listen if you like. Or even accompany me with another instrument! Many of the songs I play are relatively easy. I like fun and interest... see more

22 days ago

requested by Ananda Reeves (within 15.5 miles)

Mike is a dog that lives at our house on Main and Moss in Lowell. OR. He barks consistently for hours at a time. We're going to try and help him and the neighborhood out by getting him a shock collar. But first, he needs to be groomed. He prefers fe... see more

15 days ago

offered by sat nam s khalsa (within 4.5 miles)

5 gallon bucket of veggie n fruit scraps for gardens

18 days ago

requested by The Kindista Team (within 1.5 miles)

Help us make our local sharing network more vibrant! We need help doing outreach with faith communities and local businesses that provide goods and services being requested on Kindista.

36 days ago

Richard Arel expressed gratitude for Kris Topaz

Thank you so much. Planning to put some on a south facing window.

41 days ago

Day Hancock-Murphy expressed gratitude for Morgan M

Thanks so much! I was just about to run out - blueberry, peanut butter, and banana smoothies are my go to breakfast on days where eating feels like a chore, so this is a lifesaver.

35 days ago

Jene Conrad joined Kindista

36 days ago

Erica L Hernandez expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

Thanks so much! She gave me chives alsooooo! I’m excited about making Aronia syrup!

22 days ago

offered by Kavana Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

On my website is a list of Eugene-area venues for meetings and other occasions. Free download. Edits & additions appreciated. See's_Venue_List.xls

42 days ago

Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Morgan M

So sweet and easy to get, thank you Morgan for offering and providing this! It helps our bathroom feel more bright :)

17 days ago

offered by Judy S-B (within 2.5 miles)

Here are the titles:
A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, An American Tail, The Book of Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Arthur's Famous Friends, Barney's Colors and Shapes, The 3 Bears.
Lord of the Dance, Turnaround Achievement Awards, Body Flex, & Teran Scho... see more

42 days ago

Jonathan David joined Kindista

2 months ago

Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Kavana Tree Bressen

Pears, pears and more pears! Many, many thanks Tree for sharing pears from your beautiful pear tree. We had a wonderful time slicing them up for drying and will think of you when we eat them this fall and winter.

2 months ago

Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Natalie Stameroff

I was able to make a gallon of elderberry shrub with the elderberries Natalie shared with me. What an amazing tree! What a generous gift! Thank you tree! Thank you Natalie!

17 days ago

requested by Belle Burch (within 7.5 miles)

If this sounds like a service you could offer, I'm requesting that you to post it as an offer.

I've noticed that getting physical objects to those who wish to receive them can sometimes be a challenging part of using Kindista. Some people don't h... see more

19 days ago

requested by Thomas Price (within 7.5 miles)

You like TikTok or another social network platform?

Looking for someone to do some social media to talk about your story about the Gift Economy and how it has played into your life.

Please tag me if you can or email us a copy/URL at of what you... see more


22 days ago

offered by Benjamin Crandall (within 3.5 miles)

Toona Sensis (Chinese Toon or Mohagany) 2nd year seedlings. These produce edible savory leaves that taste like mild onions or garlic. Trees can be coppiced or pollarded to keep them at a manageable height for food production.

Ribes Aureum (Golden ... see more

46 days ago

miaya sustaita expressed gratitude for John Meiser

Thank you for the bubble wrap and giant bubble envelope you dropped off the other day. I was immediately able to put that wonderful bubble wrap to use. It's great to be able to reuse these packing/shipping supplies and keep them out of the dump.

18 days ago

offered by DonStClair (within 7.5 miles)

Expert opinions for dealing holistically w/ ADD/ADHD and brain issues such as concussion. I keep up to date on neuropsychology and know a lot about self care. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice; I am self care and holistic/integrated ap... see more

47 days ago

Thomas Price expressed gratitude for miaya sustaita

Thank you for all you bring to this board. Your enthusiasm and energy you share yesterday and this morning added great value to me and the Board of CommonGoods Network.

2 months ago

Charlotte Y joined Kindista

49 days ago

Carly Giesen expressed gratitude for Natalie Stameroff

Thank you for sharing your abundance of elderberries, Natalie! We're excited to make some tincture. <3